strategy renewalWorking with leadership teams to host high impact conversations. Whether it’s formulating strategy, setting strategic direction, leveraging emerging opportunities or tackling tough challenges, we’ve enhanced clarity, commitment and action.

  • Cameco is the largest supplier of this critical energy product in the world. As a ‘top fifty’ company on the TSE, it has grown exponentially over the past several years. We worked with senior management to renew their strategic direction and guide the expansion of a major operating division within the company.
  • BC Pavco is responsible for several high profile convention, entertainment and sporting facilities as well as one of the largest film studios in Canada. We worked alongside senior management to design and facilitate a comprehensive strategy renewal process to update and revitalize strategic direction. Significant emphasis was placed on collection of relevant background information and development of key performance indicators.
  • Pirelli Cables, an international manufacturer of fibre optic cable,used by companies such as AT&T, Verizon and Rogers, was facing rapid growth and changing business practices. As well, one of their key manufacturing facilities needed to chart a new direction for their operations. We worked with the management team to clarify strategic direction, identify key initiatives and create an implementation plan. Management team development was an integral component of the initiative.
  • Executives at the University of Victoria sought specific guidance when updating their five-year strategic plan. We worked closely with senior leaders to provide advice and guidance regarding key content and format. Specific elements of the plan were developed by our team based on consultation with key stakeholders.
  • CFB Cape Breton, a major shipbuilding and repair organization, with approximately 1000 employees, engages in a wide variety of ship construction, maintenance, and repair activities. The organization consists of naval and electrical engineers, telecommunications experts, trades and construction personnel. We worked with union and management to design and facilitate a strategy renewal process to set strategic direction and provide a solid foundation for future growth.
  • BC Hydro, a large provincial energy utility serving both residential and commercial customers, was undergoing a shift from a functional/geographic structure to a process-focused organization. I worked with the management team to create a strategy to successfully bridge the transition into the newly created organization.
  • Kenworth, an international truck manufacturer, sought support when key regional dealerships wanted to increase market share and accelerate sales growth. Managers and employees worked with me to identify and implement a revised strategic direction for the dealerships to improve sales and customer service. Team development and change management were incorporated into the process to ensure successful implementation.
  • Vancouver Foundation, one of Canada’s largest foundations with assets close to $1 billion, wanted to update its strategy to respond more effectively to major donor requirements. We worked extensively with the executive team and board to develop a comprehensive, yet focused, strategic direction that encouraged greater donor engagements and philanthropic contributions.
  • The Canadian College of Health Leaders is a preeminent membership organization for health care executives across the country. We worked with the leadership team and an alliance of partners to craft a renewed strategy for their LEADS initiatives.
  • Industry Training Authority manages an industry-driven training and apprenticeship system that is responsive to industry needs and priorities. Its mandate includes assessing the needs of the labour market and expanding the number of skilled persons in designated trades and occupations. Agency members are representative of industry, labour, government and education institutions. As part of an overall review process, I worked with senior staff and board members to update and refine the agency’s strategic direction. Emphasis was placed on building consensus among the diverse perspectives held by board members.
  • The Health Professions Regulators of BC is an umbrella alliance of professional regulatory colleges that oversee policy, standards and practice of their professions and members. We worked with approximately 20 CEOs from the various regulatory colleges to craft a common vision and agreed-upon strategic priorities to improve the alignment of operating standards and practices.

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