What Is Top Team Alignment ?

How your senior leadership team shows up is critical to company performance. Whether it’s setting priorities, generating ideas, crafting new strategies, resolving difficult problems or directing implementation, the actions of your top team really do matter. Practice and research have shown, however, that top teams often don’t live up to expectations – leading to lost opportunities, wasted effort and sub-par results.

An intentional focus on improving top team functioning pays big dividends in terms of results – let’s talk!

What’s Involved?

  • Confirm what’s working well and identify key improvement opportunities
  • Clarify and secure agreement on the targeted areas and proposed approach to making changes
  • Strengthen those specific attributes through real-time coaching and training
  • Implement key actions to ensure long-term sustainability

Why Do It?

  • You’ve identified a new way forward – leaders need to show up differently and your senior team needs to drive that change
  • Things need to be different – your established priorities just aren’t getting the traction they require
  • Clear measurable goals have been set but it’s more challenging to achieve them
  • New team members have come on board and you want to get everyone moving in the same direction
  • Employees need to engage around a new strategy and your leadership team needs to lead the way
  • The senior team just isn’t firing on all cylinders – performance is less than optimal in terms of advancing your desired strategy
  • Your team is stuck, ineffective or just plain dysfunctional

Why Scott?

  • More than 25 years of success in strengthening leadership team performance
  • Dedicated focus on linking top team effectiveness with business strategy and results
  • Effective synthesis of both the hard and soft sides of the business
  • Use of targeted assessments provides highly actionable feedback to improve performance at both the individual and team levels

An intentional focus
on improving top team
functioning pays big dividends
in terms of results.

“Demonstrating significant expertise and excellent interpersonal skills, Scott worked with staff and board members to collaboratively create an innovative, highly relevant and actionable strategy for our Foundation. His ability to challenge our thinking and facilitate team engagement was particularly helpful throughout the process. A highly recommended ‘go to’ consultant for this type of engagement.”

Sandra Richardson
Victoria Foundation

“In working with our senior leadership team, Scott provided a very practical and realistic approach targeted specifically for our situation and requirements. He really strengthened awareness of how our interpersonal relationships and behaviours impact performance and had very helpful observations and suggestions for team improvement.”

Bill Susak
General Manager (Retired)
City of Coquitlam

Case Study

Working with this executive team within the entertainment industry, we facilitated development of a common vision for the group, conducted a top team assessment to provide insight into opportunities for improved effectiveness, clarified expectations regarding roles and responsibilities, and developed a more effective approach to problem-solving, decision-making and accountability. A key part of the process was to better align individual behaviours with articulated team values and desired culture.