strategy renewalI’ve worked with senior leaders to gather relevant and actionable feedback regarding their effectiveness, key strengths and opportunities for improvement.

  • Chief Operating Officer, Global Resource Company – After two years tenure in the position, there was a desire by the incumbent and CEO to identify development priorities for the COO. Primary motives included a desire to ensure continued enhancement of current capabilities as well as succession potential for the future. We worked with the CEO and COO to identify key desired leadership behaviours and conducted a comprehensive narrative 360 feedback process that supported the creation of specific targeted development priorities.
  • General Manager, Financial Services Company – In conjunction with key stakeholders, we identified and documented key performance criteria closely linked to strategic direction, business priorities and leadership expectations. We then gathered, analyzed and reported on actual performance and facilitated the review process with the board of directors.
  • President, Comprehensive National University – we worked with the President of this internationally ranked university to gather key stakeholder feedback regarding his leadership presence and performance. A set of interviews with primary constituents, combined with an online survey to a broader group of stakeholders, provided rich information that was used to identify key attributes and strengths as well as opportunities for further leadership and performance improvement. Follow-up implementation discussions were an integral part of the overall process.
  • CEO, Pharmaceutical Company – working with the board chair, executive committee and CEO, we conducted a large-scale narrative 360 feedback process. This entailed in-depth interviews with senior level partners and stakeholders in major private and public sector organizations both nationally and internationally. Results were utilized to recognize key strengths and support further performance development of the senior leader.
  • President, Regional College – Working with the board of governors of this rapidly growing institution, we identified key performance criteria and gathered performance feedback from key stakeholders, including board members, management, faculty, students, and the community. We then generated appropriate summary reports and conducted an interpretation session for board members.
  • CEO, Health Care Organization – In conjunction with the CEO and board of directors of this complex multi-disciplinary organization, we designed and conducted a review process that captured CEO performance across a range of key measures. Stakeholder feedback was a key ingredient to the success of this initiative and included a multi-rater feedback survey and targeted interviews. A facilitated debrief of results with the CEO and board enhanced the type and depth of conversations regarding organization performance.
  • CEO, Private School – Together with the CEO and board of governors of this internationally recognized school, we identified appropriate performance criteria and solicited feedback from key stakeholders, including board members, management, and faculty. We compiled summary documentation, conducted detailed interpretation, facilitated the debrief process, and developed appropriate communication strategies and messaging.
  • CEO, Health Profession Organization – Working with the board of governors and CEO of this licensing and regulatory body, we updated the review policy and process, determined relevant performance criteria, and gathered feedback information from key stakeholders from across the country. Interpretation and debrief of the results with the CEO and board members was a key component to the success of this initiative.
  • Executive Director, Professional Association – In conjunction with the governing body of this association of education executives, we identified and documented key performance criteria based on strategic and operational priorities, gathered performance feedback from major stakeholders, and facilitated an insightful and supportive performance review discussion with the executive director and board members.

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