Are you searching for direction, desiring clarity or seeking common ground?

Aligning your executive team’s efforts and taking concerted action is often challenging, particularly when there are major differences in terms of understanding, interests, expectations and desired outcomes. In essence, it’s helping groups have high-impact conversations that generate clarity, enhance focus and strengthen engagement.

Strategic facilitation enables your senior-level teams to realize success – whether that involves embarking on a new direction, implementing alternate strategies, completing a major initiative or realizing solutions to a key challenge or issue.

If you’re thinking about planning or hosting a high-impact conversation – let’s talk!

Why Do It?

  • Build a full and shared understanding of the situation and context
  • Craft well-considered alternatives and options
  • Apply robust decision-making approaches
  • Generate high levels of buy-in and engagement
  • Align group member interests and actions
  • Identify solutions that are both feasible and impactful
  • Build energy and momentum for implementation


  • Update, refresh and re-energize your strategy and/or strategic direction
  • Take full advantage of an emerging opportunity
  • Identify actionable solutions to a tough issue or challenge
  • Align stakeholder interests and aspirations
  • Resolve a long-standing problem within your organization
  • Bring multiple stakeholders together to create something bigger and bolder

Why Scott?

  • Deep expertise and experience navigating high-impact conversations
  • Customized approach based on the specific situation and context
  • Capacity to surface and address challenging group issues and dynamics
  • Strong capability to build bridges across diverse stakeholder interests and agendas
  • Skilled at real-time adjustments to ensure a high-quality experience
  • Strong emphasis on achieving actionable results

Helping groups have high-impact
conversations that generate
clarity, enhance focus and
strengthen engagement.

“Scott Borland is a pro… his ability to help our foundation put together a comprehensive strategic plan that identified the key fundamentals and ingredients for success was exactly what our board needed. Scott was a great sounding board, he listened intently and then helped us articulate our needs into a strategic plan that we could execute on. It was exactly what we needed.”

Michael Ravenhill
Chief Executive Officer
David Foster Foundation

“Scott has worked with me, my organization and other affiliated groups a number of times. He is a consummate professional and brings a wealth of experience to every project. In particular, Scott has helped my organization navigate through some tough strategic issues that have challenged our thinking. He is open, generous with his advice and relational in his approach. I would recommend him to others looking for support in strategic planning, facilitation and team development.”

Cynthia Johansen
BC College of Nursing Professionals

Case Study

Pirelli Cable, an international manufacturer of fibre optic cable used by major telecommunications companies such as AT&T and Rogers, was facing rapid growth and changing business practices. As well, one of their key manufacturing facilities needed to chart a new direction for their operations. I worked with the management team to clarify strategic direction, identify key initiatives and create an implementation plan. Leadership team development was an integral component of the initiative. Results included improved operational efficiency and higher employee engagement.