Top Team Effectiveness

I’ve assisted senior leadership teams to close the gap between actual performance and undiscovered potential.

  • Executive Team, Resource Company – Working with this senior management team, we facilitated development of a common vision for the group, conducted an assessment to provide insight into opportunities for improved team effectiveness, clarified expectations regarding team roles and responsibilities, and developed a more coordinated and effective approach to problem solving and decision-making.
  • Executive Team, Entertainment Business – As a key part of the strategy development process, we worked with this executive team to better align individual behaviours with team values, conducted a culture assessment to identify improvement opportunities within the team, and aligned performance management practices to better recognize team-based initiatives and results.
  • Executive Team, Manufacturing Company – Working with the members of this leadership group, our consultants identified key opportunities and challenges for improved teamwork, facilitated the development of a charter that highlighted key values and expectations, clarified roles and responsibilities, and clearly defined measures of performance. Strengthening team effectiveness proved to be essential during transition activities related to a significant merger and subsequent acquisitions.
  • Senior Leadership Team, Major Municipality – To help this team provide more sophisticated solutions and meet more demanding workloads, we worked with one of Western Canada’s largest and fastest growing municipalities to strengthen their senior engineering leadership team. Improved collaboration enhanced work output, accelerated project timeframes, and improved service quality.
  • Executive Team, Provincial Government – This newly formed senior leadership group wanted to ‘jump start’ their working relationships to accelerate accomplishment of their ministry’s priorities. We worked with the team to clarify key attributes (i.e. purpose, goals, roles, and major expectations). Group norms and behaviours were identified and adjusted to strengthen team performance. Real time group facilitation and coaching helped resolve key issues that had emerged as barriers to effective collaboration and productive working relationships.

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