Book Recommendations: Top Team Effectiveness

Some of my favourite Top Team Effectiveness books include:


Executive Teams

Nadler/Spencer, Jossey-Bass

Facing an explosion of workplace complexity, many more executives are choosing a team-focused approach to organizational leadership over more traditional leadership models. Executive Teams provides insights and strategies that you can use to build and maintain top teams that live up to their full potential. You’ll get ideas for implementing strategy, leading transformations and changing organizational culture.

Senior Leadership Teams

Wageman/Nunes/Burruss/Hackman, Harvard Business School Press

The authors argue that in today’s world of neck-snapping change, demands on leaders in top roles are rapidly outdistancing the capabilities of any one person – no matter how talented. Result? Chief executives are turning to their enterprise’s senior leaders for help. This book provides solid insight into how you can create and sustain a leadership team whose members learn from one another while collaborating to pursue your company’s objectives.

Teams At The Top

Katzenbach, McKinsey & Company

It is common knowledge that CEOs declare their direct reports as a team at the top. Yet with a culture of individual accountability and self-reliance pervading executive suites, few management groups ever function as real teams. Katzenbach offers practical guidelines for increasing leadership capacity at the highest executive levels. Even the strongest and most successful CEO can improve a company’s performance by turning the senior executive group into a real team-without sacrificing each member’s individual leadership capabilities.

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