Overview: Narrative 360º Feedback

Narrative 360º Feedback

360 degree

Companies thrive when they have the right leaders in place. Leaders, in turn, grow when they have accurate insightful feedback along with plans for moving forward.

Narrative 360º Feedback from CYGNUS enables executives and senior leaders to gain the clarity and motivation they need to drive results, whether they work in large or small companies and across various industries from health care and higher education to trade associations and foundations.

Targeted, Focused and Insightful

Narrative 360º Feedback goes beyond traditional 360 surveys to deliver details and examples, helping participants understand how they impact others and their organization and how they can focus future development strategies. This feedback is far more granular, personal and contextual than traditional survey-based 360 assessments. Narrative 360º Feedback is interview-based multi-rater feedback – targeted, in-depth conversations – focused on the key leadership behaviours needed for individual, team and business success.

360 feedback interviewThe higher a leader rises in their career, the more useful qualitative data is since it’s less about what they do and what they get done and more about who they are and how they show up.

What executives get done is the price of entry; the baseline expectation. The differentiators become more about the environment senior leaders create, the potential they’re able to unleash and the inspiration they provide.

Narrative 360s create the opportunity for respondents to engage more meaningfully in answering questions related to these key attributes. It tells a story and provides the essence of how one in being perceived by others. This insight is invaluable for any executive interested in improving their leadership effectiveness.

Key Reasons for Engagement

There are many reasons to engage in a narrative 360 process including:

  • Desire to take leadership performance to the next level of excellence
  • Providing FeedbackInterest in validating on-the-job performance from the perspective of key stakeholders
  • Identify potential blind spots and confirm targeted areas for improvement
  • Confirm development priorities for high potential individuals
  • Respond to regulatory or fiduciary requirements for a formal review process
  • Address concerns regarding leadership performance within key areas of the business

Primary Benefits

Participants receive:

  • Detailed, targeted performance and developmental feedback that is customized to their specific role and key business needs
  • A detailed action plan that outlines next steps in the development journey
  • Solid context and examples that provide additional insight, perspective and motivation

If you are looking for unprecedented analysis, real-time feedback and clarity that drives measurable results, Narrative 360º Feedback can turn executives and their organizations into true ‘pace setters’ in their industry.

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Scott Borland, Founder & President of CYGNUS Management Consultants Inc, , is a recognized expert in helping executives host strategic conversations and obtain high impact feedback. He brings insightful perspective and proven strategies to strengthen the alignment between strategy and leadership behaviour. Scott has presented frequently at regional/national conferences and is a regular contributor to online journals/blogs. Follow Scott on Twitter or add him as a connection on LinkedIn.

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