Survey-Based 360º Feedback

What Is 360º Feedback?

360° feedback is a well-tested method to improve individual, team and organizational performance. Unlike traditional feedback processes, 360° feedback collects data from multiple perspectives. Responders provide feedback on a leader’s behaviour and/or performance, from every “point of the compass”: supervisors, peers, direct reports, internal/external customers, and others.

Providing FeedbackWhy 360º Feedback?

  • Alignment: Helps align leadership behaviour and performance with the needs and priorities of the business
  • Focus: Focuses leader attention and development efforts on what’s truly important
  • Accountability: Enhances leader accountability by providing information and insights on key performance expectations; it also sends a message to employees that leaders are accountable for their own conduct and performance in the workplace
  • Capacity: Supports the development of improved leadership skills and capacity, helping organizations identify high-performers for key assignments

Why Now?

360° feedback is all the more important in times of change and uncertainty. Leaders need to stay focused on those few issues that matter and that drive results. They also need to:

  • Gauge whether they are “on target” and performing in ways that will advance the needs of the organization
  • Demonstrate that they are clearly accountable for results and the means of getting there

Top Team EffectivenessWhy CYGNUS?

At CYGNUS, we specialize in conducting 360° assessments for executives and their teams. We understand what it takes to make 360° feedback successful. We work with you and your team to:

  • Define the purpose and application of the 360° feedback process and its linkages to existing HR and business practices
  • Clarify and confirm the organization’s strategy and desired culture to ensure alignment between the 360° design and the needs of the organization
  • Identify the key leadership behaviours and performance expectations needed to support the organization’s business priorities
  • Design and administer the complete 360° process, from design and testing, communications and participant orientation, survey distribution and collection, to results reporting and interpretation
  • Review and interpret the 360° results, identifying key themes and patterns
  • Debrief 360° participants, helping them to understand their results, determine key strengths and opportunities for development and identify next steps
  • Provide ongoing leadership development support such as one-on-one and team-based coaching

Our Difference

  • Business Focus: We believe 360° feedback should enhance business performance and leadership effectiveness. We understand the needs and realities facing today’s leaders, and are skilled at translating the business requirements of organizations into leadership behaviours and performance expectations.
  • Customization: We offer customized tools and solutions. We ensure our 360° assessments provide participants with feedback on those behaviours and performance that directly support the organization’s unique business strategy/priorities; we can tune the 360° assessment to meet our client’s specific needs.
  • Full-Service: We look after all aspects of the 360° process – from design and testing, communications and participant orientation, survey distribution and collection, to results reporting and interpretation. We are readily accessible by phone and email – we actively support our clients and participants throughout the process.
  • Experience & Expertise: We have significant depth of experience and expertise, having worked in this specialty for over 15 years with dozens of clients across multiple industry sectors. We are constantly enhancing our 360° feedback and related assessment services to align with the latest best practices and to better serve our clients.

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About The Author

Scott Borland, Founder & President of CYGNUS Management Consultants Inc, , is a recognized expert in helping executives host strategic conversations and obtain high impact feedback. He brings insightful perspective and proven strategies to strengthen the alignment between strategy and leadership behaviour. Scott has presented frequently at regional/national conferences and is a regular contributor to online journals/blogs. Follow Scott on Twitter or add him as a connection on LinkedIn.

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